How To Play Spotify On Streamlabs Obs + Spotify Overlay [2020]

14.05.2020 By 35a6un7v

How To Play Spotify On Streamlabs Obs + Spotify Overlay [2020] – If you decide to play Spotify on your stream, you will also need this widget. Let's set them both up. (inspirational music) What's up, everyone? Jelle here, with The Video Nerd, and welcome to the Streamlabs OBS master course.

Today's subject is Spotify

I will teach you how you can play Spotify on stream, and buy plays on them, then add an overlay to make sure everyone can see what songs are playing at the moment, and then I will show you how you can make sure that your stream can hear Spotify, but you cannot. So, for example, for when you are playing Fortnite and you need to hear the footsteps. Playing Spotify on your stream is actually very simple. The only thing you need to do is go to Spotify, and press play. Right now you can see that my PC audio is moving. This is my microphone, so don't mind that.

But, Spotify is playing on my normal audio, and I can hear it coming through my headphones, so my stream will also hear Spotify. You can then easily adjust the level of Spotify, because for your stream it will have to be a bit less loud. So, here we go, it's all setup if you just want Spotify to be playing on your stream. Right now, we will add an overlay, because everyone will be asking you what is this song, what was the previous song, things like that. So, let's just add a beautiful song overlay like this one, and I will show you how to do it from the beginning.

So, let's delete it 

Okay, first of all, we need to go to this website, and I will also put the link in the description. Then the first thing you do, is you copy this link, right here. So, select it, copy it, and then press on this blue link. Oh, it takes you to another page, and there you have to paste your code that you just copied, and press Enter.

This will give a popup with another link, which you have to copy. So, completely, 'til the end, right here. Press control C, or if you're on a Mac, command C. And then you go back to your Streamlabs OBS program. Now, you add a new source and you take Browser Source. Okay? Let's call it Spotify, and then click Add New Source. And then replace the URL right here with the URL we just copied from the popup.

Then, as your width, select 350 pixels. As your height, you select 100 pixels, and you press done, and you see the overlay already started, because my Spotify is playing. Let's make it a bit bigger for the video, right now.

So, when you go to Spotify, this song is playing right here, and it's also playing on stream. And when I press pause, right here, you will see that it disappears from the stream. When I play it again, it will appear again, and it looks very good. So, I think this is amazing. But, what if you're playing a game where the Audio is really important for footsteps, or things like that? There's also a solution to make sure that you do not hear Spotify, but your stream does. But for that, we need to download another program.

So, go to Google, and search for audio router download. And then the first thing that appears is a GitHub link, and that's where you need to be. So, scroll a bit down, and right here, you can copy two versions. There's the 64-bit version, and the 32-bit version. I will choose this one. And then it downloads. You open it, and then when you try to double click on Audio Router, it will ask you to unpack everything.

So you select Unpack Everything, and you choose a location where you want to store the program.