How To Play Spotify On Streamlabs Obs + Spotify Overlay [2020] – (part 2)

23.05.2020 By 35a6un7v

Okay, so I unpacked everything. And now we double click on Audio Router to start the program. And then right here we can see all our audio sources and our programs.

And what you need to do is you click on the arrow beneath Spotify, you click Route and you need to select an audio device. So, the headphones is the main audio device for me, and that's where Spotify is playing through right now, so, my headset.

And now, you need to search an audio device which you are not using.

So for me, that's this one

High Definition Audio Device. I'm not using this, there's no audio being sent to that, so, I will select this one, and when I press OK, now, Spotify will be sent to this audio output instead of through my headphones, so I will not be able to hear it anymore. So press OK. So now Spotify will be playing through the other audio device.

So, let's go back to Streamlabs OBS, and then let's play something on Spotify, just to test things out. Now, you can see even though Spotify is playing, and the overlay appears right here, you can see that the headphones are not moving because there's nothing coming out of these. Spotify is not being sent to the headphones, it's being sent to the other audio export. So, go to the settings, to the audio settings, and now you need to add Spotify as an audio device, too. So, when I click right here, I can see that this is the audio device to which I sent Spotify. So, I will select High Definition Audio Device, and I will need to do it again.

Okay, now it worked

I will press Done, and now you can see in the Mixer, that there are three audio outputs. Of course, the webcam, but this doesn't mean anything. And now, Spotify is playing through this audio device, instead of through my headphones. Now, of course, you will want to level these things out, because probably Spotify will be playing too loud for your stream. So, to do this, next to the Mixer, click on the gear icon. And right here, we can see all these three audio devices, which are sending audio to our stream.

Now, what you want to do, of course, we will already be hearing our game through our headphones, so this is all right. But, we will need to enable monitoring for our microphone, and for our Spotify. So, choose one of these two options, it doesn't matter as long as you're not online. So, just click on this one, then click on this one.

And now, through my headphones, I will be hearing the headphones audio, of course, so my game, but also my microphone, and also Spotify. So, right now, what you want to do is you want to play a game, and then talk to yourself, and listen if Spotify is too loud, if your microphone is too loud, and then come back here, and level things out. So, probably you will need to lower the audio of Spotify, so instead of 100, I will select 40. Then you go back to your game, you talk to yourself, and when you think, okay all the levels are perfectly setup, you come back here, and then you turn off the monitoring, and then everything is setup, so now Spotify will be playing on your stream, you will not be able to hear it, and there's an overlay for people who want to know what music is playing.

Now, you cannot close this program while streaming, because then the audio will be sent to your main audio port, again. So just minimize this program, and keep it open in the background. And then you're done.

Remember that this was only of all the guides in the Streamlabs OBS Master Course, so if learning more about Streamlabs OBS is something you're interested in, click on the playlist, right there.And if you want to learn more about streaming and promoting yourself, don't forget to subscribe and turn on the notification bell. So I will see you in my next video. Have a good day. How To Play Spotify On Streamlabs Obs + Spotify Overlay [2020]


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