Esto es lo que paga Spotify a los artistas independientes – (part 2)

04.06.2020 By 35a6un7v

The number of times that has been heard, etc. Attention, so they pay for a listening … 0,001565 Let's go to the bottom of the page … to see the summary… Here I have to say, that there isn´t only Spotify. If you notice sometimes there's Itunes… … Deezer and another companys, but almost everything is Spotify.

Let´s go to the bottom… here we see… dollars…

6,9 we are going to round to 7…. 7 dollars on page one…. … and on page 2 … half dollar 0,5. seven dollars and a half How much does this represent in euros? 7.5 dollars are 6.6 euros This is how much has generated in streaming in spotify this year the album "Cormoran"… 125 hours of listening. Well, as you have seen here, you have the information that shows what Spotify and another streaming companys pays to independent artists Here is a clear winner … Spotify It continues to increase his power month after month…. … and its influence on how the world of music works. The second beneficiary would be the user, the consumer like you or me for what we before paid…

10 euros for a Cd Now we can have access, paying those 10 euros and even free, practically to all the music in the world. And a clear loser … the creator. Is this sustainable?

The creator, the musician besides financing his work must give it away? This isn´t something new, this has always happened since the music industry exists… Those who have really taken the money have been the record companies and intermediaries few artists and only the big stars has won money with the sale of records. but as I say, this isn´t new and now it's exactly the same… The difference is that before the record companie was responsible for the promotion of the album, the organization of the tour… There are several news about this topic from Spotify. I do not know if you're entererated … there is a Bulgarian who fools Spotify in a very … very ingenious way The guy created playlist… …with songs that he wrote but only 40 seconds long.

This is the less that accepts Spotify as a song. What did the guy do? He created 1200 premium accounts that reproduced these songs day and night … 24 hours without stopping … … This generated royalties of almost one million dollars.

Is this illegal?

Another band, for example, created an album of silence … That is, audio tracks without music … simply … silence. They uploaded it to spotify and asked their fans that… … to play this album at night, when they slept. And with the royalties they got, that is, what Spotify paid them, they financed a tour.

What is my opinion and what can we do without need to deceive and invent fables in order to continue with this? Well, I think we should make people aware. That is, if we can not deal with the people above, we will have to change things from the base. Today, compared to before, there are social media… … and that allows us to be closer to the people who listen to our music. We must take advantage of this.

You and I, music consumers, what can we do? If you like a band or a song and you want to support it… A good idea, for example, would be to buy them a cd, a vinyl, a shirt or whatever they have of merchandising And I already tell you that with what they earn they will not buy a ferrari or a yacht This money will surely be used to pay for the rented van… … or pay for gas to go to the next city In other words, what they earn they will invest again in creating more music.Another way, not so direct, but still good to help to the bands that you like … … would be, for example, to share the publications that this band or this musician … …they share in the social media. Erroneously some think, although for many this is so…. … this is to increase the ego. But I think not.

If you do that, what you are doing is influencing the algorithm. Surely you have heard about the algorithm. The algorithm of Facebook, the algorithm of I do not know what … … Algorithms are everywhere! they eat us! Algorithms eat us!! they eat us!! From here I encourage you to support the artists you like…. … and as Nietzsche said "Life without music would be a mistake" Well, that's all for today.

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