How to Grow your Podcast Podcasting Tips

06.06.2020 By 35a6un7v

Podcasting Tips Are you not getting the downloads you deserve? Are you putting in the work and not getting the subscribers on your podcast? Toda,y I'm gonna give you several tips to grow your podcast quickly, efficiently, and for free.

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I'm gonna give you a lot of tips on how you can be noticed online

Make sure you leave a comment below as well. I'd love to answer your questions all right how can we get you more downloads on your podcast the first tip is consistency you need to find a consistent rhythm. If you are committed to posting once a week make sure that you're posting once a week. If it's every Monday be there every Monday stay consistent because you want to get into. This flow where people know and expect that when they wake up on Monday or Wednesday or Friday, that your show is going to be there be consistent the next tip.

Is that you have to keep improving your first episode is gonna be your worst one things. I love doing when I'm listening to a new show or helping a new client is, I listen to their latest episode and I listen to their first episode I want to see a dramatic improvement from their first to their most recent episode, because every episode should be just a little bit better.

You should be more clear with your words, you should be more clear with your questions, you should be more to the point the audio should sound better.

If you're not continually improving your podcast you're not gonna get the listeners you need, because your first episode should be your worst and your latest episode should be your best keep improving.

My next tip is that you need to hook your listeners, there's a magic that happens with podcasts, when someone is searching for a podcast and then you hit that moment.

Where they say yes this is what

I want to listen to and they put it down on their car seat or they put it in their pocket.

That is the magical moment where you've hooked them you just got their attention, for the next half hour hour, so make sure that you have a strong hook one of the problems.

That a lot of people get into with their podcast is that they just start rambling at the beginning, so you're listening to ten minutes of just nonsense. Why are they there, why is someone at your pockets not to learn about what. You did last weekend or just rambling on about a sporting event think while your listener is at your show. Why are they there is it for specific piece of entertainment or a specific piece of education.

Are they there to learn something make sure that you get right into it one of the problems. That I see happen quite frequently is I'm listening to a podcast and they just have a ton of ads on the front end that are maybe not even relevant to me so for example I'm listening to a podcast because I want to learn how to reach more people on YouTube, and they have an ad about how to cook shrimp on a grill like they're. Not relevant so make sure that if you are going to run ads. A that they're on brand and be that they are don't take too long. You also want to consider am i reaching enough people. if you're only getting 50 downloads per episode do you really want to start advertising are you really gonna hook them don't advertise too early and if you do feel you need to advertise and make sure that it's on brand I've turned down a lot of people.

That want to advertise on my podcast because they're not a good fit make sure that they're a good fit for your show to summarize keep your intro clean quick concise and don't advertise too much too early my next tip for getting more listeners is to bring on guests bring it on guests is extremely extremely powerful because if you can get the right guest on your show and they share it with their network of people you can receive tons and tons of downloads I know that for me my most popular episodes are the episodes where I bring on a guest a big guest like a celebrity or professional athlete who shares the episode with his or her client base this is incredibly incredibly powerful pro tip before you bring the guest on your show ask them if they'd be willing to share with their network the goal here is to have a great hook great content that's continuously improving and now you've got new guests bringing in new audience and they're gonna hook you're gonna hook.

I mean you're gonna get more downloads immediately my next tip for you is to become a guest on someone else's podcast find other podcasts that are in your niche find other listeners that you can provide value to and get on those shows you from more ears you're probably seeing a common theme here you want to get in front of as many ears as possible and you want to make sure that when you get in front of those ears that you're delivering the right message so find other shows reach out to them and be a guest on their show you'd be surprised how many people would love to have you on their show because as a podcast host you realize it can be hard to find guests get on different shows provide value and make sure that you're sending plugs back to your show another tip if you are gonna be on someone else's show you want to make sure that you're talking about your show early and often.

A lot of people aren't going to listen the whole way through the episode so you want to make sure that you're giving that call to action at the beginning don't spam them don't come off as salesy but at the beginning of your guests experience make sure you're providing massive upfront value your best tips and make sure that you're giving them a call-to-action to listen to your show at the beginning as well my next tip is to make sure that you have a show title that is searchable if your show is just your name spoiler alert nobody's going to iTunes and typing in your name however people may go into iTunes and type in cooking or baking or how to get fit or marketing use a name that is searchable this is incredibly incredibly powerful you want to leverage the searchable tools if you haven't thought about a title and description that's searchable we need to get clear on that ASAP please leave a comment below please DM me please message me we need to work on that because you need to have a title that is searchable and you will get more search results you'll get more downloads because people can actually find you my final tip for you to get more downloads on your podcast to get more lessons on your podcast is to leverage YouTube I know the video it's very very scary but look one of the most powerful things about YouTube is the search engine it's the second largest search engine in the interwebs and just like we're talking about before I'm having a clear title people are going to be going to YouTube and asking specific questions so if your podcast if your episode is answering specific questions you want to make sure that people can find you on YouTube one of the most powerful things you can do on your podcast is record video at the same time I absolutely love using zoom interviews as a launching pad for your podcast because you do an interview with someone you're checking off so many boxes at the same time you're networking you're bringing more guests you're bringing more reach and now you've got a video that can simply be posted to YouTube you have a clean crisp title a good question people are gonna go they're gonna find you and now you've got someone that's finding you on YouTube and now they're gonna maybe translate over your podcast so leverage the search engine on YouTube to bring them over to your podcast I hope you enjoy today's video I hope it brought you some value I cannot wait to hear about how you've increased the listeners on your podcast please subscribe to the channel leave a comment below I am here to help you get noticed online I'll talk to you soon phase.