DistroKid – BEFORE you upload, watch this!

14.06.2020 By 35a6un7v

DistroKid – BEFORE you upload, watch this! let's get something out of the way. this is not a sponsored video for Distrokid. they did reach out to me and let me try out their service and I use the trial to release a song on Spotify, iTunes and lots of other platforms. but in this video, I'm going to give you my honest opinion of the service and some advice on releasing your own songs, and how you get paid for plays, and some information about other options available too.


Requested from Distrokid

Now if you decide to sign up for Distrokid after this video, great! I do have an affiliate link that I requested from Distrokid so that I can pass on a discount to you. in fact you can set up your own affiliate link to earn a little money when you refer your friends – just like my link. use it, or don't. it's up to you. but here's my two cents about Distrokid so what is Distrokid? Distrokid is a service that acts as a middleman between you and the online music stores and streaming services out there. if you have a song, a beat ,or pretty much any audio to share with the world Distrokid distributes it for you. so where do they distribute? well virtually everywhere. Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play YouTube Music, Pandora, Saavn, I Heart Radio, and lots more. yeah your track is going everywhere. it's $20 a year to upload unlimited songs and to keep them all the platforms of your choice. it's a subscription-based service unlike some other services that charge you by the song or album upload. more on that later. how do you do? it well this is what I loved most. you just sign up and start uploading. the Distrokid interface is so simple, clean, no frills, no up-sells. there is a short waiting time before your stuff actually appears on different platforms.

Spotify and Apple Music are really quick 

Those are probably the ones you want to distribute to fastest anyway. if you already have Spotify and iTunes profiles you can connect to them from Distrokid. it's super easy. just fill in your song name, upload an album cover, and a few more fields, and you're done. Distrokid keeps things really simple. after your song is live on platforms you can monitor your stats from Distrokid with the upgraded plans. but with the basic plan you can monitor them from your Apple Music or Spotify accounts. on the settings tab you have some other free tools. take the time to explore this every time you upload a track. there's some important stuff here. first, you can set up your referral code just like I did to give your friends a discount and earn a little money when they join Distrokid. next you can credit the people who helped you create your song like musicians, producers, and others. after that you can set up Hyper Follow which is an excellent feature. what Hyper Follow does is create a page that has links to your music on all major platforms. this way, you can just add a link to this page from Facebook, your website, or wherever, and people clicking that link can select their preferred platform and go directly to your music. not only that, when people use this link with Spotify, they automatically follow you, get your song added to their list, and more. it's a great way to start growing your audience and keeping them up to date on your releases. it takes just a second to create and it's really helpful. next is Vault, where Distrokid keeps a backup of all your uploaded music just in case you ever lose it. finally, we have Fixer which is super important.