DistroKid – BEFORE you upload, watch this! – (part 2)

22.06.2020 By 35a6un7v

I used this immediately. mMore on that later. Close to the bottom you have convenient links that go directly to your Spotify and Apple Music profiles. So you can edit your profiles and get your songs on playlists. I have some advice for you on that. Keep watching. Now a word about other plans. For $36 a year, the musician plus plan gives you some additional features.

The one I like the most is the option to set a custom release date which is valuable when you submit your song for a Spotify playlist. More on that later in this video. You can also have two artists or band names. The other additional features are nice to have but not necessary. The top tier plan is great if you manage five artists or more. What about your earnings? you earn money for plays on Spotify or if someone buys your song on iTunes or wherever. this is another great thing about Distrokid. You keep all your earnings. They don't take a percentage like other distributors who can take a commission from your sales. And those typically range from 9% to 15%. That's a lot of money lost if you get a lot of plays. So what's up with the competition? there are lots of different models for distributing your music. CD Baby, one of the biggest out there, charges and upfront fee for each song or album. And you have to share a cut of your earnings, the commission, with CD Baby. Other companies will charge you less to upload but may take higher commissions. So if you're uploading a lot of songs or beats you end up racking up high upfront costs. And if you get a lot of plays you're losing a percentage to commissions. So that makes Distrokid sound really good, right? yes! for the average independent artists, it's a great dea.l $20 a year to upload as many songs as you want. And you keep all your earnings. Great! to balance that benefit, you do need to stay subscribed to Distrokid. That means you keep paying that yearly fee of $20 to keep your uploaded songs on the platforms you distribute it to. But Distrokid has an option called "Leave a Legacy," that ensures that your song or album won't be pulled if you discontinue your service with them.


They charge $30 for a single or $50 for an album. That's a one-time fee for that service. Hey, if you end up having a song around them that does really well, it's worth opting in for that. And you still get to keep all your earnings. So from my uploading experience, I learned a few things and here's my most important advice. Start the process early! especially if it's your first time. you need to get your Spotify and Apple profiles created. And you need to apply for a Spotify curated playlists. You should set your release date Distrokid to at least two weeks in the future. This gives you time to get your Spotify profile and verified check mark that Distrokid helps you get. And you have enough time to make your profile look right and write up a nice description. Most important, it ensures you enough time to submit your song to Spotify editorial playlist for consideration. And if your song gets selected for one of those playlists, you can watch those plays start to rack up! every time you release a new track or album, follow that two-week rule. start early and submit to Spotify editorial playlists. Once you create your Spotify Artist Profile, you'll be able to submit every song you upload for consideration. you do all of that on your Spotify profile, by the way. Now a couple of weird things happened when I uploaded my song for the first time and I'll get to that in a second.

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