DistroKid – BEFORE you upload, watch this! – (part 3)

26.06.2020 By 35a6un7v

but if you want to know how I created my song "Undone," I've created a few videos sharing all the plugins I use, and how I mastered. it I'll put a link to those in the video description, or up here. alright some unexpected things happened when I uploaded to Distrokid. first, apparently I'm not the only "Sanjay C" out there. Google Play Music had another artist by the name of "Sanjay C"and when I uploaded my song it added to that guy's profile and song list. not cool! but I was able to use the Distrokid system to sort out the issue. remember when I showed you that Fixer link in Distrokid settings? it's easy to fix issues like this straight from the Distrokid website. the problem was resolved in a few days. now another interesting thing I noticed is that most of the platforms had my music ready quickly. I mean just a day or a few days. but other platforms took a month or a little bit more. those platforms were Napster, Tik Tok, Medianet, and I Heart Radio. now I don't know if this was because it was my first upload, or what. but that's a long time! so now that I have my song out there, am i raking in the money? not quite. earnings are super low unless you've got a lot of plays or downloads.

I'm just starting out so it'll take some time. keep your expectations in check and be patient. most of all, find ways to promote your music on Instagram or YouTube. these are free ways of getting eyes and ears on your talent. like I said in the beginning, do your research, find out what distribution services are best for you, and read the fine print. I hope you learn all you need to about Distrokid from this video. if you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below. now if you're ready to sign up for Distrokid you can get your discount using the link in my video description. I know many of you are already making songs and beats. You're making the music you love, and it's time to get it out there! share it with the world! and I'm always here to share a little advice along the way.

I'll see you guys later!


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