Tiny House Family Cut Their Expenses by 80 with Downsizing!

08.07.2020 By 35a6un7v

Tiny House Family Cut Their Expenses by 80% with Downsizing! What's up guys. Jenna here and I'm back with another tiny house story for you this week.

Are you ready? This week I'm sharing the story of how one family downsized and cut their monthly expenses into 20% of what they're paying in a normal sized home.


Wouldn't we all like to do that?

So keep watching to hear the story of this family. They're awesome. Tiny house and how living alternatively has changed their lives. So we're a family of four, two kids living in about 440 square feet. It's a decent size for a first small family. So yeah, it's about a fifth of what we were paying living expenses before.

Yeah. I fell in love with the idea of living more sustainably. We want to be better stewards of what we have and kind of not get sucked into the materialism aspect of the world and have more time for family, for our faith, for neighbors, for ministry, all that stuff. Probably a five year plan for us just because of the kids and probably outgrowing their bedroom space.

Now that we've been in here, I'm the one who most often says, Oh, I want to be in here longer than five years. After we built ours. I started kind of investing time and planning into, okay, let's build them for other people too, and so I've done that a time or two now. I really enjoy it. Kind of helping people figure out what is right for them, what's enough for them, what's, what's their ideal space and just kind of helping them live their dream life, but in a smaller space. Let's show you around, huh?

I had to have the double basin sink 

We'd like to get one of those tops people can put on the sink to have a little more counter space eventually. A dishwasher that my wife found on Facebook, six plate settings, so we run it once a day that we've got our propane stove, three burners. Then the little oven underneath, it's supposedly like an RV or a boat stove.

So it's, it's smaller. But We'res able to cook full four meals on at a time. Three burners is all I need. I'm not, I'm not a great cook. I don't enjoy cooking a lot. So I just kind of do the basics and that's all I need for that. Things like this Brandon built specifically because this is where we wanted the spices.

This is how we wanted them. Um, and then he also made cans cause I do, I need a fair bit of pantry space for cans. So he did that for me and it's perfect. It's just right here.

The canister is right above it

Just little tiny details like that are what I love about it cause it's exactly what we wanted. So this is a three quarter size fridge. It's apartment size, so it's a little smaller than what we're used to and we go grocery shopping more often because of that. But it's working. It's working better than I thought it would. So this is a table kind of locks on both sides that doesn't just fall open but then kind of hinges down here, the legs and then we have a dining table cause eating together is very important for our family and especially, especially for dinners.

So our son will sit here, I'll sit here, my daughter will sit there and she'll sit there and we'll kind of just all have a nice meal together. It's all the plate settings really well we have company every once in a while you can fit another person here pretty well. The chair is just in a closet behind the door here.

And then we wanted the shelves.