Tiny House Family Cut Their Expenses by 80 with Downsizing! – (part 2)

10.07.2020 By 35a6un7v

I wanted the shelves because I didn't want to have to be always going and finding the salt and pepper or the sugar or whatever it is that we used all the time. Eventually we're hoping our daughter will also sit on the stairs and I'll get to sit on a wheelchair.

But for now this works out

This is just kind of general storage, um, diaper bag tucks in there and my broom tucks in there. We have our growth charts in there. and I have a little bit extra shoe storage cause mine didn't fit.

So we wanted the loft space for the kids to be underneath and because they're still pretty young and I didn't want to have to worry about them falling out, especially our daughter, I didn't want to have to worry about her up in a high spot. So there are eight of these and they each have four and Malik can get his up and down all by himself. So he loves that this bed does fold up into a chair or it just stacks completely. All three sections. It's three sections. It'll stack over there. And then we got this for alley's bed cause she still needs to be in a crib.

She's not old enough to stay in the bed by herself. And we really liked it because it had the side. So I can, I don't have to worry about lifting her over in the ceiling and all of that.

She just crawls in and out on her own and she loves it. Everybody that walks in here says that's a big bathroom for tiny house. We have four people and three of them at least are usually in the bathroom at one time in the morning so they have a little bit bigger of a space. Uh, and we also wanted to fit our laundry center in here.

Um, yes, this unit does both for tiny housers. That's not new. That's, that's pretty pretty standard I guess. So. Yeah. Got our nature's head toilet, which is working out great for us.

Our son, he's five

He used it like a drum I can tell you stories but I won't. Um, but yeah, he's, he used it great I don't like claustrophobic showers and so I bent a PVC pipe with heat and a rope and that was fun, but it also adds quite a bit of space to our already rather big shower. We, we found that for 16 bucks a lighting led thing, really cheap version for the shower, but it's so dark in there. So we like you know, you and you can, you can turn on different colors and you could even make everything, you know, change colors.

So as we go up into the living room, we wanted a decent standing size, at least for us. We've got lots of tall friends that they have to do this all the time but works for us. Uh, and this is our house, right?

So we've got a nice big size couch that we, that I built. We have a couple large scale drawers, some for toys in here. And then we've got the diaper center right here for now until she's out of that. And I hope that day is soon.

But we'll see. And then under here built this space for Ottomans that pull out and this one stores the cushion that goes on top, actually we like having guests even though guests in a tiny houses different, more difficult than a normal house. So if they need to stay over for any reason, we have a bed And then in the corner here is just all of our Christmas decorations. Originally, I really wanted to put our games in here, but somebody else we know that lives in a tiny house said, if you can't get to it, you'll never use it.

So she, she suggested we put something we never have to get to in there. Our neighbor had a bunch of little small trees that he was going to take out.

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