Tiny House Family Cut Their Expenses by 80 with Downsizing! – (part 3)

14.07.2020 By 35a6un7v

So I grabbed a couple and I whittled them down and stained them up and now they serve as eye pleasing structural things. Mostly just eye pleasing things but, but they do help keep the Ridge beam up a little bit. Um, just cause that's such a long house. And um, maybe, you know, coat hooks This is our loft.

He made it quite long 

And so we have room for closet, um, his hang up clothes go over here and then it's big enough for a queen size bed, which he did sink into the floor couple inches.


This is a purple mattress, so it's a little bit taller, so plenty of headroom. And, um, when our daughter was taking a nap, our son actually uses this as his play room so he doesn't have to worry about us feed or toys making noise on the floor above her head. Brandon made these runners, which are kind of like our, our nightstands. So they open up and there's a lot of space in there.

I don't like to get changed up here 

That's probably the only thing. So I will take all my stuff downstairs.

But other than that, there's enough room, we don't really feel like it's cramped with a tiny house and a family. We knew we wanted outdoor living space of some kind. So our solution for now is this den just kind of somewhere for the kiddos to go. If they're starting to get a little stir crazy inside. It's nice to hear the rain, especially with the loft, uh, when you're sleeping or whatnot, you know, in a traditional house you can't hear it as well.

It's gonna cause an attic space and such. But we like the rain. So hearing it pitter patter on the roof is nice. Living with kids. It's chaotic in tiny houses. At times we'll be honest.

But it's funny because moving from that large space to this tiny space, kids haven't noticed it at all. Like they're more happy here. I feel like. Then there a lot of times, and it's really surprised me for one, you really do adapt to your space and don't, don't be too scared about it.

It'll take some changes in intentionality, but at the end of the day, it'll, it'll be a fun little adventure, so don't be too scared is what my advice would be. It's, it's, it's good. Like, thank you for tuning in this week, guys.

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