Mastering for Spotify® and Other Streaming Services Are You Listening S2 Ep4 – (part 3)

05.08.2020 By 35a6un7v

The question comes into our head, do I have to push the level up really, really high so that my track sounds as loud as the next thing that's going to play, or if I push the level up really high, and the streaming service then turns it down, is it gonna sound worse? Have I pushed the level so high that it ends up damaging the audio?

And then when it gets turned down, that damage becomes even more apparent than it might have been otherwise. So, there's conundrum, there's a problem here. Many people will use the idea of loudness normalization as an argument for not pushing level at all.

And I think that's a mistake 

If we use any standard, playback level, as an arbitrary way of defining the artistry of our work we run the risk of making mistakes, or at lest not making tracks sound as good as we can, and not making our tracks work for the artist as well as they possibly can work. So, ultimately, for my money, what I prefer is to make a track sound as good as possible, at as high of level as possible. That's an abstracted idea, there's no single number that I'll use. It varies with genre, it varies with artist, and what the artist needs.

But to make sure I'm making something sound as good as possible, so that it will work in any different playback paradigm. There're some thoughts about streaming and mastering audio in this day and age of streaming, and how we think about preparing audio for streaming out to the listener. In the next episode, I'm going to dive into loudness, which is a related topic, but I'm gonna talk about loudness on its own, for its own sake, in mastering, So I hope to see you there. Also, if you have any questions or comments, but especially questions, please leave them in the comments area underneath this video.

At the end of this season, we're gonna do another mailbag episode, and we're gonna through and if we find that there are 100 questions about a particular thing, I'll try to answer that question, and if you ask a brilliant question, I'm gonna that question too. So, please let us know your thoughts and join me for another episode of Are You Listening? (drum roll)



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